The New Way or The Best Way?

Our Creative Director Jim McLoughlin explains why when it comes to creating a brilliant event, using the latest technology for the sake of just using something new isn’t going to cut it. Rather, he argues that it’s all about making sure that the clients’ story is effectively communicated in an engaging way.

Over my years working in the events industry I have noticed an emerging pattern. With new technology being developed on an almost daily basis, event professionals are feeling the pressure more than ever to showcase ‘the next big tech’ at their event, quite often whether it’s relevant or not.

Why not? You might say. What’s wrong with showing event delegates that our company uses the very latest tech?

But this misses the point.

No matter how new a piece of tech is, it is only ever how it is used that is innovative. Right now, we use tech such as AR, VR etc. but what happens when it becomes overused (or is it already?). Do we all stop becoming impactful and innovative until the next tech revolution comes along?

Despite what you might think, I’m no technophobe. I love technology, when it’s use is innovative and relevant. At Bray Leino Events our digital team pushes the boundaries every day and continues to be at the forefront of digital development. They have worked with our clients many times using the latest tech and creating innovative solutions when it has been appropriate for the story we are trying to tell.

The key is understanding your audience and never losing sight of the fact that they are all people just like you at the end of the day and respond to all types of stimuli, not just the latest ones. ‘Old tech’ can be just as creative when used at the right time and in an innovative way. If the latest tech is the best way to tell your story then great, but it’s not necessarily the best way simply because it’s the latest way.

For example, at Bray Leino Events our guiding values and proposition are based around the idea of ‘Breaking with Convention’. When we are trying to figure out an engaging way of telling our clients’ stories we consider all types of audience communication, new and old because even ‘old stuff’ becomes ‘new stuff’ when used in an innovative way. When you take any way of communicating and use it in a relevant but unconventional way, it can be new and innovative.

When the Wachowskis used a cinematic technique called, amongst other names, ‘bullet time’ in the Matrix movies it helped tell the story beautifully and was seen as a great new cinematic effect. It came from a desire to tell the story in the most effective visual way and the fact that it was all created using old school 35mm still cameras was irrelevant. They did what they had to do to achieve a storytelling goal. The audience was wowed by what was essentially old school tech but with innovative thinking applied.

Interesting and innovative comes from our creativity as event professionals, not (just) the Gadget Show.

Jim is Bray Leino Events’ Creative Director and is based in our Bristol office.