The Met Office Virtual Conference 2021

The Met Office is the UK’s National Meteorological Service. It collects and makes sense of massive amounts of data every day, using cutting-edge technology to provide weather and climate forecasts that help both event-critical decision-makers and individuals from all walks of life to live well, stay safe and prosper. The Service operates at the forefront of climate science in the UK and globally, helping businesses, agencies, armed services, and governments to make the world a safer and more resilient place.

2021 is a special year for the Met Office – its Hadley Centre celebrates its thirtieth anniversary and the UK, in collaboration with Italy, is hosting the UN COP26 meeting in Glasgow. The Met Office Hadley Centre is one of the UK’s foremost climate change research centres – it monitors changes in climate patterns, determines causes and develops services that help manage climate risk. It works to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes that drive the climate system, and develops state-of-the-art computer models to represent these processes – world-leading, scientifically excellent research. COP26 is the international forum for reviewing the impacts of climate change and developing a global policy response. This will be the crucial Climate Summit at which nations will be asked to step up their ambitions for tackling climate change, with the intention of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by the middle of the century, as required by the 2015 Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

To celebrate these two milestone events, the Met Office is hosting a conference on the theme of net zero and climate resilience that will help set the development agenda for climate science policy over the next decade. The conference brings together leading climate scientists and policy makers, young people, community representatives and science communicators from around the world in a primarily virtual environment. In addition to generating evidence-based policy proposals, it aims to inspire young people and the wider public to engage with the scientific effort to tackle climate impacts and to be part of the evolution of climate change solutions.

Bray Leino Events was a key partner in the development and management of the UK Pavilion for COP 24 and COP25 – we have a very good understanding of the audience that will be attending the Met Office’s Virtual Climate Science Conference. To ensure that the event provides a platform to share best practise in an engaging and interactive way, our team designed a bespoke virtual event environment which will not only ensure seamless speaker contributions, but also entice the attendees to play an active role in evolving these discussions into relevant actions. The format includes poster sessions, themed fire-side chats and gamification – it is highly conducive to idea-sharing, showcasing success and providing a platform for legacy pledges.

Our collaborative approach was key to our selection as the Met Office’s preferred partner for the project.  In addition to our delivery expertise for both this audience and virtual event solutions, sustainable practises run through all aspects of our business. Bray Leino Events is certified for ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management as well as ISO 14001 Environmental Management. We have the credentials to build a fully managed, professional virtual conference and help develop relevant creative content, as well as the credibility to support the Met Office’s wider climate science agenda.