Introducing the Virtual Experience Lab by Bray Leino Events

The past year has brought about fundamental change, both within the events industry and our own agency as we launched our new guiding principle – Imagine Differently.

We are now thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, the Virtual Experience Lab

VX Lab is an immersive 3D event experience, a new tool in the communications toolbox and one which delivers actionable insights for brands. The saturation of virtual events means they are now a known quantity – the biggest challenge in the events industry right now is making virtual stand out. We recognised the need for a tool which allows brands to engage with their audiences in a more dynamic, interactive and impactful way, and VX Lab was born.

As we move into a future where virtual and hybrid events only increase in prevalence, we need to offer our clients the chance to create a bespoke environment, tailored to their needs and with a truly engaging user experience.

Why VX Lab?

  • A new offering for brands: This experience can be customised to almost any configuration, meaning brands can build whatever environment they feel will deliver a real competitive advantage. Whether that is creating wow-factor when showcasing new products, simulating a factory tour for those who are geographically out of reach, providing a glimpse into the future of an organisation, or boosting the impact of multimedia content.
  • A unique experience for users: VX Lab sends users on a personalised journey of discovery, learning about products and services that are relevant to their needs – in a way that suits them. VX Lab encourages exploration – it enables interaction with a virtual environment in a uniquely personal way.
  • Actionable insights for our clients: VX Lab provides full trackability of engagement, offering new insights into how attendees engage with a brand and its content. Rather than replacing live or virtual events, VX Lab creates a longer touchpoint with audiences and can supplement events with richer content. It allows brands to capitalise on the benefits of both physical and virtual experiences, in a new way. 

As well as a powerful story-telling tool, VX Lab offers brands that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint an opportunity to engage with a global audience while reducing the waste and energy consumption usually produced by a live event.

Not only this, it enables brands to become more inclusive with their offering by creating rich and imaginative experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone – including those normally unable to attend events in person.

With the positive feedback we’ve received so far, we’re excited to see our clients unlock the benefits of VX Lab.

We want to take your audience on a journey, help you make a lasting impression and deliver real, competitive advantage.

We want to help you to Imagine, Differently.

Contact us to find out more or experience a live demonstration.