Imagine differently and our new brand

As an events agency it’s vital that we are constantly evolving both for us as a business and for our clients, making sure that they are constantly getting the best advice and solutions for their event activity. Because of this, Bray Leino Events has an active initiative that constantly looks at and monitors the event landscape. The importance of this has been thrown into stark relief over the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a pandemic that didn’t so much cause the scale shift in our industry but rather accelerated the inevitable.

With the environment high on everyone’s agenda and even before Covid-19, it was obvious that change was in the air and as an industry that isn’t known for being very environmentally friendly it was inevitable that that change would have lasting effects. With this in mind Bray Leino Events was already looking at how, with current and emerging technology, events would change and how they could continue to meet the needs of both our clients and their audience as well as how it would affect us as a business. As an agency Bray Leino Events create live events and exhibitions globally so we had to look at both of these equally.

Before looking at ourselves as a business and how we may need to change, we first had to consider what an event would look like moving forward. These seemed to fall logically into three broad areas: virtual, totally physical and hybrid. Fortunately, due to early initiative in this field, we were up to speed on the virtual side and able to offer this option to our clients from an early stage, meaning we are currently delivering over ten virtual experiences per month. The other two, physical and hybrid are the interesting ones. Physical, on the face of it, is a no-brainer, or so you might think. But what is a physical event going to look like in 2021 and beyond? What will be the new rules on how we meet face to face and how will the virtual audience begin to integrate with a physical audience, something that is inevitable? This leads neatly into the hybrid event. Clients, having experienced the opportunities available by making any event, even physical ones, accessible to a global virtual audience, will want that for every event. Virtual has opened Pandora’s box and that will be difficult to close but then, why would we want to? A hybrid event, whilst offering the client greater audience catchment, also gives us potential new revenue streams, something else to consider when looking at our business.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a business and whilst considering all of the above, one thing became blindingly obvious. Whatever 2021 and beyond brings, pretty much everything to do with events will be different to some degree and for us to succeed we will need to be agile and think differently.

Just prior to the Covid-19 outbreak Bray Leino Events was already well under way with an internal restructure that would rationalise our two specialist areas, live events and exhibitions, into a single business. Historically they had been separate businesses as they had separate genesis points and were, by and large, very different animals. This however was changing as we began organically merging the two and became more eclectic in our creative offering, irrespective of what our clients historically came to us for. As a formal recognition of this evolution in our business we grew the internal restructure into a full agency rebrand and used the Covid-19 distraction to complete the work.

And so, the Imagine differently project was born. An initiative that involved a full internal restructure, a full agency re-brand with a new value proposition and guiding principles along with a whole new visual language.

So, why ‘Imagine differently’?

We arrived at these two words as they effectively encapsulate many things about us as a group of people and how we work. They also neatly express what we feel is required to be a successful business within a re-formatted events landscape in a way that would be relevant to our clients. Imagine refers to the way we approach everything we do. Differently tells how we apply that thinking. For our clients it expresses the fact that we understand them and their challenges, collaborating with them to re-imagine their story and the way it can be told. Internally it reflects how we talk about ourselves. We are a group of imaginators with no boundaries or prejudices, empowered to think, and be different. Sitting beneath our Imagine differently proposition are 5 key guiding principles that we use to help validate everything we do. These are outlined on our new website

Imagine differently and our guiding principles can be applied and are relevant in many ways, from how they describes us right up to how they express our attitude and approach to helping client’s transition in a new event environment. Our visual language was created to reflect this visually and to give us a completely new and fresh outward appearance. This is NOT ‘new logo, business as usual’ but rather a re-imagined events agency for a different world.