GreenTech Festival

After an exceptionally successful career as a Formula 1 racing driver, the 2016 World Champion, Nico Rosberg, has turned his attention to environmentally friendly technology. In 2019, Rosberg and partners started the GreenTech Festival – with conference, exhibition and concert – and Green Awards. The three-day Festival took place in mid-September at Kraftwerk, Berlin, and the UK was the principal partner country.

The event attracted 40,000 participants in its first year. As with almost all live events this year, the 2020 version was affected by the COVID pandemic. Turnout was limited to 3,000 in-person attendees with 8,000 fee-paying digital participants and more than 1,000,000 active online visitors, all championing the Festival’s aim to create a greener future and a global community of innovators and change-makers.

The UK Government shares these aspirations, and joined the Festival as the Partner Country. The Department of International Trade (DIT) commissioned a presence that could support 27 innovative UK businesses with a strong ‘green’ offer. Embracing the ‘Green is GREAT’ vision, Bray Leino Events’ solution was to present a British woodlands themed pavilion featuring plants and mosses that are native to the UK. A hanging art installation provided a delightful sensory centrepiece, complete with lighting, soundtrack and scents that embodied the ambience of a walk in the woods. Post-festival, the recyclable stand continues to promote the ‘Green is GREAT’ brand as an attraction at the British Embassy in Berlin.

The pavilion was warmly received by the organisers of the GreenTech Festival, the exhibitors and the client team. Deryth Wittek, Head of Clean Growth and Infrastructure, commented:

“Congratulations Ronja Baller and Bulut Kilic Steffen, your determination and perseverance has truly paid off! The stand looks absolutely beautiful – a big thanks to Bray Leino for realising the plans so well!”

And Ronja Baller, Senior Manager, Environment and Renewable Energy at DIT, was equally pleased: “Today Bulut Kilic Steffen and me finally got to see our amazing UK pavilion at GREENTECH FESTIVAL. It looks so cool… Olly Hares and his team at Bray Leino Events have been so professional in their support to achieve this amazing pavilion!”