EventBeam goes live!

Calling all #EventProfs! Are you searching for an Event App that can really deliver (and you only pay as you succeed)? As Event Professionals we knew exactly what we needed from an Event App, so we created one ourselves!

Let us introduce EventBeam – a fresh approach to event lead capture that we’re looking to shake-up the event app category with.

5 things you need to know about EventBeam:

1. Lead capture that’s ready when you are

Lead capture is a fundamental part of live events. However, trade shows and conferences aren’t the only sources of leads. That’s why EventBeam has been designed to be used 365 days – providing lead capture that’s ready whenever you are.

2. Great first and second impressions

EventBeam’s marketing showroom helps you make a great first impression by putting all your collateral and videos at your fingertips. Collateral can be shared instantly via a download link embedded within a personalised, automated, follow up email.

Customisable data capture forms in EventBeam allow you to qualify leads and take notes that help ensure your second impression is as personal and impactful as the first.

3. EventBeam has your back on and offline

EventBeam is truly mobile. It allows you to capture leads even in Airplane mode. This means you’ll never miss a lead or forget to follow it up for lack of a robust internet or data connection.

4. The beam in EventBeam

The ‘beam’ in EventBeam stands for beaming campaigns created in your cloud portal to the mobile app that your sales and event teams are using.  This means central control and visibility of which campaigns your mobile sales teams are using. All lead data captured by your remote teams is beamed back to your cloud portal. Once this has happened all lead data is removed from the sales person’s device for added data security.

5. Pay as you succeed

Most Event Apps charge by the event or the number of devices you want to install them on.

EventBeam pricing has been designed to encourage use and adoption, not penalise it. With EventBeam you get unlimited campaigns, events and devices with every account. No annual contracts, just a one-time setup fee and then a monthly fee linked to the number of leads you collect. You pay as you succeed!

EventBeam features and benefits

  • Android and iOS, tablet and mobile
  • Offline lead capture – e.g. capture leads in Airplane mode. Leads captured offline are automatically processed next time you’re connected
  • Fully customisable look and feel – control the branding and corporate colours in each of your campaigns
  • Marketing showroom – supports PDF, Video, Microsoft and Creative Cloud assets
  • Customisable data capture – create bespoke forms to qualify your leads
  • Centralised event data – all devices running EventBeam campaigns automatically sync data back to a secure cloud portal
  • Live reporting – leads captured and marketing assets requested, broken down by device and sales rep
  • Expert alert lets you notify experts inside your organisation when there is someone interested in their area of expertise
  • Secure enterprise-grade solution

Rob Grahamslaw, CEO at Bray Leino Events, said: “Overly complex pricing and fee structures were deterring many of our clients from adopting mainstream event technology. We knew the features our clients wanted so we decided to rethink the way we package them. Instead of penalising clients with fees every time they want to use their app or install it on more devices we decided to encourage use and adoption with an unlimited approach to campaigns and users. With EventBeam clients get unlimited campaigns and only pay by the lead or what the marketing team call ‘pay as you succeed’. You can’t say fairer than that!

With EventBeam clients are getting the very best of what the Bray Leino Group can offer. A rock-solid digital product from our award-winning digital team backed up by the service and footprint of our global events team.”

To learn more about EventBeam please contact us on + 44 (0) 800 2100 365 or email