Client Story

Zoom trains, supply chains and inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

Record-breaking business and only work with children if you have some seriously engaging tech!

As the events delivery partner for a major UK infrastructure client, Bray Leino Events works across a diverse programme of activity.

Less ‘show and tell’, more ‘play and talk’
We created innovative and exciting environments at the Skills Show and Big Bang Fair for a major UK infrastructure client. Young people from all areas, social backgrounds and ethnic groups took part in a range of activities designed to stimulate, educate, entertain and energise, including:

  • The ‘Zoom Train’
    To introduce younger visitors to the concept of high speed rail net­works we created a tactile experience – the building and racing of Zoom Trains with times displayed instantaneously on an electronic leader board.
  • The Graffiti Wall
    Raising awareness and encouraging engagement in key issues surrounding the infrastructure industry, participants were able to answer questions, add comments and put forward ideas on a large screen wall. Content was amplified through social media.
  • The Career Wall
    School children answered questions to identify potential career opportunities within the industry. Results were displayed as a geo-filter, similar to snapchat, so they could see themselves as a designer, engineer etc.
  • On Track Gamification
    An interactive animated game where the audience built a rail track against the clock and learnt about specific career paths and their relevance.

Records were made to be broken
We delivered a staggering 1,400 pre-validated 1-2-1 meetings in a single day between our clients’ Joint Venture contractors and the UK supply chain. This surpassed the 800 meetings delivered the year prior.

In addition, we support our client at hundreds of prestigious third-party events, such as Digital Construction Week, creating purpose-built, informative exhibition stands to update industry and stakeholders on current and forthcoming opportunities.