The Appliance of ‘Immer Besser’

Educating key audiences about the benefits of Miele products through the ‘Interactive Kitchen’ experience.

Miele are leaders within their industry and needed to communicate to an audience of appliance retailers their philosophy of ‘Immer Besser’ or ‘Forever Better’ and what makes Miele products the premium products in their industry. This knowledge would better equip the retailers to talk knowledgeably about the product to prospective customers.

Instead of just telling them about the product we created an interactive experience that let them discover for themselves the product strengths and values including dependability and long life expectancy.

Introducing the ‘Interactive Kitchen.’ The experience incorporated interactive projections that played on a wall with embedded conductive surface technology. When delegates touched the Miele hot spots, line drawings of the appliance sprung to life with video animations telling the Miele product story.

Miele experts were on hand to take the visitor through the interactive journey to enhance the story and to help the visitor complete a questionnaire that would enter them into a competition to win a Miele appliance.

Alongside the interactive wall we created an exploded washing machine that literally showed what lies beneath the skin and allowed the retailers to see first-hand the design and quality that goes into every machine.

Following the event, the retailers left with a greater understanding of the Miele philosophy and the relevant knowledge base to effectively inform potential customers as to why buying Miele, despite the initial higher purchase cost, is better value long term.