Energy for the Future

Helping Wood connect with their audience by managing their global exhibition programme

Paul Shanks, Global Creative Director at Wood said: “Our approach to working with Bray Leino Events is very much a partnership approach, so it’s looking at the long term and working together across an annual schedule. We are very much a partnership in terms of idea creation, coordination, content generation – we bring together our internal teams who each bring their expertise. Bray Leino Events support us in setting up for events, advising on what’s possible, what content and technology we could use, what trends are happening within the industry, and together I think that is where we get the best approach.”

Bray Leino Events are a strategic partner to Wood and have been retained to deliver their global exhibition programme. Following a complete rebrand by Wood a year ago we helped them introduce their new brand and helped establish it within the energy sector. The new brand encapsulated the entire Wood capability under a single name and allowed them to tell their story in a much more focused and future looking way.

A year on and with a high level of brand maturity the Wood story needed to evolve, and this would involve looking at their exhibition presence from a new perspective. Taking the radical new look of the brand we decided that an equally disruptive approach was needed for their storytelling.

We were challenged to design and create an exhibition space that would really stand out, push the boundaries in its approach and be completely different within an energy sector show. It also needed to be designed in such a way that parts of it could be repurposed for use at other events.

Our solution? To really stand out we needed to go against the grain with a disruptive concept that is not the norm in a sector which generally plays it safe. Working collaboratively with Wood, our in-house creative team came up with a completely different model of storytelling to present the Wood story.

Art of the Possible

Introducing the ‘Art of the Possible.’ The Wood stand at Offshore Europe was presented not as a stand at all, but rather an engaging art gallery with each story element presented as a piece of art, showing the Wood story of overall capability through decommission and through the transition to the future and renewable energy.

Through a series of several engaging art techniques and technology an engaging visitor journey was created, whereby the visitor could interact with the brand and learn more about its vast offering and capabilities. For example, the interactive globe shows some of the projects, people and offices where Wood are making a difference.

To measure success, alongside lead capture and qualitative feedback techniques, a microsite was created which could be accessed via QR codes on each of the pieces of art. This encouraged the visitor to click through and find out more. This was also supported by a strong social media campaign pre, during and post event and again directing the visitor back to the site.

Initial feedback is extremely positive, and preparations are already well underway to repurpose the concept for upcoming shows in other markets. However, it’s an ever-evolving process, and we look forward to coming up with new and innovative solutions to help Wood exceed their goals and engage with their audiences around the world.


Jim McLoughlin, Creative Director at Bray Leino Events said:

“Paul and the whole team at Wood are a great client to work with and are happy to give us a wide creative remit. They are confident with their brand and this allowed us to suggest a concept that gave them a completely new way of telling their story. Working with Wood we developed the ‘Art of The Possible’ and created a show presence that encouraged maximum visitor engagement.”