A message from us

There are lots of messages from all kinds of businesses out there at this difficult time.  For Bray Leino Events, the safety, security and wellbeing of our staff is paramount; our people are everything.  We are committed to protecting our people and keeping them motivated, supported and positive.  We will always strive to be a valued partner to our clients, and we continue to support them during these unprecedented times.

Global incidents like this will undoubtedly alter the landscape of our clients’ face-to-face events and communications programmes. We are committed, during these periods of change, to supporting clients to achieve their marketing objectives by ensuring that both short and long-term strategies for success are delivered.

Our robust IT infrastructure and the implementation of procedural contingencies allow us to function as close to normal as possible. We will work in partnership with you to deliver activity that is both appropriate, based on the changing environment, and impactful.  That’s what we do, and it starts with the people in our business.

Sitting alongside Bray Leino Events is a number of multi-skilled communications Agencies within our parent group, the MISSION, and as such we are able, as always, to offer an expanded range of valuable communications support, should this be required. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss alternative short term solutions while we navigate through this challenging time.

We are here, ready to help.