A day in the life of Tash

Tell us in 30 or so words what you do:

I support the planning and delivery of a variety of events within the Government sector, with a focus on large conferences.

What does a typical day look like for you?

One of the best parts of working in events is that there is no ‘typical day’. It varies from day to day, and each event is different. In the year that I’ve been working here, I’ve worked on delegate management, sponsorship/exhibition management and recruitment, speaker management, and logistics, as well as helping with various brochure edits, supporting tender writing to bid for new business, amongst many other things!

Describe your career journey so far:

I studied History of Art at University, so I initially went down the arts path, working in art galleries and museums towards becoming a curator. At that point, I wasn’t particularly aware of the events world, but when someone mentioned it would suit my personality, I decided to give it a go. I worked at an events company in London which organises all sorts of private sector events, big and small, from conferences to inventive trips and Christmas parties to Bar Mitzvahs. I then moved back to Bristol and helped organise the ‘Art From Elsewhere’ international conference at the Arnolfini and Bristol Museum. I started at Bray Leino a year ago as an Event Executive.


What do you most enjoy about your job? (Try and give us 3 things – e.g. something about the role, something about the company culture and something random)

  1. Our team is great – everyone is so supportive and nurturing, always willing to help and teach each other. I’ve learnt a lot really quickly, and have built up confidence in my abilities.
  2. Going onsite – this is the best part about working in events. You get to leave your office desk and see the event come to life. It’s massively rewarding being part of the physical action and working together to make the event a success.
  3. Variety – I love not having a job where I do the same thing day in, day out.


Tell us about the best and worst event you have worked on:

  • The best: A conference for the technology sector was the first event I worked on at Bray Leino, and having put so much dedication and energy into it, seeing the event come to life onsite was really rewarding. Having had constant contact with the client, the sponsors/exhibitors and the delegates, it was great to finally meet them and put a face to a name. We had lots of really positive feedback from the event and it was nice to know all our hard work paid off.
  • The worst: I haven’t had any terrible experiences with any events whilst I’ve been at Bray Leino and hopefully my luck will continue for a while!