A day in the life of Rob

Tell us in 30 or so words what you do:

I lead the Bray Leino Events team at what is a very exciting time in the development of our business. We have two main divisions: Live Events / Conferences and Exhibitions.

Both areas are currently experiencing substantial growth, and my role is to apply a sound strategy to enable us to exploit some fantastic opportunities.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I try to balance out an overall strategy with day to day challenges. Working in Events, one thing we can all agree on is that there really is no “typical” day! For example, I could be overseas talking to our US partners, at our Czech manufacturing base or onsite at an Event seeing the fruits of our creative juices coming to life…


Describe your career journey so far:

Before joining Bray Leino I spent most of my career at BP in a B2B environment doing lots of strategic development and managing B2B businesses.

Working in Events has been a refreshing change of direction; it’s great to work in such an exciting and dynamic environment.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

  • I like the fast pace here – there is always lots of change which is exciting. For example, winning a big Events contract for DIT has been huge for us and the team are already doing a fantastic job delivering some events for this around the world.
  • The creative nature of the business – the sky is the limit in terms of what we can deliver for our clients.
  • The people – our team have a wide variety of skills and competencies and it’s great to see what they can achieve together. They also have a wonderful relationship with our clients which explains why we have such a high proportion of retained clients who have stayed with us over many years. That’s something to be proud of in such a competitive industry.
  • The international reach – we are truly globally connected with offices and partners across five continents. We love to travel!


Tell us about some recent events you have worked on:

Whilst my role doesn’t include event delivery, it still amazes me the scale, complexity and creativity that the team apply to small events such as building an exhibition stand, through to bigger ones such as bringing thousands of people together for a big event like the UK Space Conference.