5 steps to transforming your event – Step 5

Learning from everything we do

With the event complete, now is the time to reflect and review on what went well and what insights we have gained, so that we can further improve next time. Using a range of techniques, we will drill down to get the valuable insights you need. These include:

  • Return on Objectives (ROO) – we look back at your objectives from step 1 and assess how well these have each been met using measurable data from a range of different sources, from social media through to feedback forms
  • Stand analytics – data includes number of visitors to your stand, length of stay, heat maps to show which areas visitors were most engaged with, we can even track their sentiment! (e.g. were they smiling/frowning)
  • Real-time reporting – we analyse the data and provide you with valuable insights
  • Lessons learnt – using the above we then provide an in-depth report which outlines what went well, and what can be improved for next time.

It’s a continuous cycle, and we never stand still. With every event delivered, the more insights we gain, and from this we strive to do a better job each time, delivering engaging event experiences that truly resonate with your audience and are not forgotten in a hurry.

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