5 steps to transforming your event – Step 2

Step 2 – Data driven digital, direct, and social marketing to generate interest pre, and at, the event

Creating and executing personalised engagement that runs as a ‘golden thread’ pre-event, at the event, and post-event.

Our goals with step 2 are to persuade your target decision takers (and influencers) to find time in their diaries to attend the event and, at the event, to visit your stand. Or, if they can’t, to find alternative means to share the event (and your message(s)) with them.

Inputs (from Step 1

  • Defined, prioritised, documented audiences and key messages by audience.
  • Defined success metrics (who you want to meet).
  • Identified means to contact these audiences (if data already available). Contact gaps identified (to be filled to enable pre-event hook-in).
  • Sharing of brand guidelines; available budgets.

Step 2 Activities – Building the ‘golden thread’

  • Google analytics review and media planning – to understand how we can fill contact gaps.
  • Pre-event campaign plan – to engage key audiences on their terms with relevant messages, through channels that we can access.
  • At-event campaign plan – to leverage event social channels and drive relevant visitors to your stand and engage audiences that are unable to attend.
  • At-stand engagement plan – to engage key audiences with relevant messages and deliver the messages that you want them to take away. Clear plan for ‘what you want them to do next after the event.’
  • Post-event engagement plan – to engage key audiences that you have met – or who failed to appear – in follow-up activities.
  • Creative and design – to deliver pre, at, post-event marketing activities.


  • An end to end engagement plan and creative that builds a ‘golden thread’ through your event.
  • Identified means to capture, track and measure engagement.
  • Sharing of outputs with Bray Leino Learning to support on the day team expertise.

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