5 steps to transforming your event – Step 1

Transforming your exhibition into an event that delivers measurable success.

Our goal is to ensure that events you attend deliver the best possible opportunities to build positive relationships with the audiences that can spend with your organisation.


We turn the telescope around and understand, ‘what’s in it for your target audience?’

Amazon, Netflix, Google and co have taught us to love personalisation… So why not apply personalisation to events?

Step 1 – Right people, right show, right to your stand.

The root of event success is knowing who you need to meet to win business. We make this happen way before anyone talks about stand design.


Most big spend decisions are taken by a range of job-role holders who need to believe that your organisation is the one for them. The tricky bit is that they rarely share the same agenda so, pre-event, we need to rigorously understand how to hook them in at a personal level:

  • Who takes the decision to buy from you? – Which job role holders?
  • Who influences that decision? – Which job role holders?
  • What do each of these audiences need to believe to choose your product or service?
  • Why might each of these audiences visit your stand? What will make them justify the time?
  • What might their objections be to meeting you? How do we address these challenges?
  • Pre-event, how can we create and deliver compelling invitations for each audience?
  • Which organisations do you particularly want to meet? Should we nuance the event to them?
  • How much are you prepared to invest to hook in key audiences?

Of course, your marketing team may have all this covered. But if not? We can run a workshop with your sales and marketing team to make sure that we’ve drilled down on every persona, every trigger, every objection, your available data-sets. We’ll then agree a plan with you to create personalised event invitations that show that you know your audience and understand what’s in it for them.

The insights we agree together will also inform on-stand experience design, training for your on-the-day team and overall stand design.


  • Defined, prioritised, documented audiences and key messages by audience.
  • Defined success metrics (who you want to meet).
  • Identified means to contact these audiences (if data already available). Contact gaps identified (to be filled to enable pre-event hook-in).
  • Understanding of your brand guidelines.
  • Sharing of outputs with Bray Leino Learning to support on-the-day team expertise.

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