5 minutes with Chris

Meet Chris Goundrill, who has recently joined Bray Leino Events as Business Development Director, based in our Bristol office. Here we take 5 minutes to find out more about him and his experience in the events industry…

What journey did you take career-wise before joining Bray Leino Events?

I started my career in Events 15 years ago as a Project Manager and I soon realised that I particularly enjoyed spending time with clients to really understand their requirements and businesses so I moved into Business Development & Account Management, from which I managed a range of clients in sectors including Energy, Technology, FMCG, Finance and Pharma.  Most recently I was the Commercial Director for a Global Events agency covering the UK, Ireland and BENELUX in which I led the growth strategy and market proposition.

What brought you to Bray Leino Events?

Bray Leino Events have a fantastic reputation in the industry for being client focussed and that became very apparent to me when I met the team; everyone speaks so passionately about the projects they are working on which was great to hear.  I was also very impressed with the expertise that we have in-house, ranging from creative design teams to production experts to team members who have worked with some fantastic brands.

What challenges do you think we face in the events industry?

It seems the days when we can switch our phones off and give an event our full attention (regardless of the duration) are gone.  We all have urgent emails that pop up or calls we need to make which often means missing sessions at an event or becoming distracted, both leading to disengagement with content and events not hitting objectives.  I believe we need to get away from trying to pack an event agenda with back to back sessions and allow more time in which delegates can get online or make a call, and also provide areas within the event space that can be used as remote work spaces.  Yes, this does mean sacrificing a bit of networking time, but if delegates are leaving the building to find a coffee shop to do this it is likely you will not get them back!  The use of technology can also aid this challenge; if delegates are having to miss sessions then you can give them access to the key takeaways or full recordings from the session straight to their mobile devices.

Tell us about your most memorable Event:

A leading cosmetic brand asked us to put on an event that would maximise the publicity of a new product they were launching.  Our solution was to take 20 Vloggers on an event experience that was in keeping with the product brand i.e. fresh, exciting, invigorating.  From being part of an amazing end to end experience we put on for these vloggers, the product branding and its core values went out to 18.9 million potential viewers via social media.  This really showcased the impact social media can have on events when you give delegates the WOW factor.

So, what do you do when you’re not talking about Events?

I love pretty much anything to do with sports, be it tennis, swimming, running, cycling, football and if I am not playing a sport it is likely I will be watching it.  I am also a new(ish) father of twins which keeps me very busy and getting outside of the front door often proves to be one of the hardest events I have managed!