Case Study


Freshening up the rock festival experience

Our mission? Help the Mondelez chewing gum brand Stimorol freshen up festival goers’ mouths.

Product sampling on its own isn’t enough if you want to deliver value for money on festival activity. With this in mind, we imagined an arduous day in the life of a festival-going mouth, and found various interesting and fun ways to apply the functional and fun elements of Stimorol to people’s experience.

We generated experiences that we knew would engage the diverse festival audience.

We were able to create emotive brand moments at different times during the day, all linking back with a coherent social media strategy to Stimorol’s brand equity campaign ‘Dare to open your mouth’.  With hundreds of people visiting the stand every 30 minutes, our brand ambassador team distributed over 150,000 product samples and almost 4,400 branded promotional items like hats, vouchers, ponchos and wristbands.

Key facts

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